Powering Our Modular Pumped Storage,
Enabling the Zero-Carbon Grid
Future Modular Pumped Storage Enabling the Zero-Carbon Power Grid

Quidnet's breakthrough energy storage technology is enabling the zero-carbon grid.

Quidnet operates at the nexus of energy and water to enable predictable delivery of power from intermittent sources and large-scale deployment of renewable energy. Our breakthrough energy technology uses existing natural resources to store renewable energy over long durations and in large quantities. This drives down large-scale electric grid storage costs to half that of traditional pumped hydro storage and enables widescale deployment of renewable energy across the power grid

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Texas Monthly features Quidnet in October edition

Award-winning journalist Russell Gold profiled Quidnet Energy for Texas Monthly, detailing how Quidnet uses oil and gas industry talent and technology to build a clean energy future.

Energy Secretary Granholm invites Quidnet to Houston Energy Roundtable at Greentown Labs on May 28, 2021

Joining a handful of innovative organizations tackling the energy/climate challenge, Joe Zhou outlined how Quidnet's use of existing oil and gas supply chains for its subsurface energy storage technology can help accelerate the energy transition.

Joe joins Jason for My Climate Journey Podcast

CEO Joe Zhou and Quidnet Energy were featured on My Climate Journey, a podcast hosted by Jason Jacobs. In this episode, Joe reveals how Quidnet's Geomechanical Pumped Storage (GPS) energy storage solution can be a game-changer because of its rapid, low-cost scalability.

Quidnet Energy Highlighted on Discovery+ Science channel TV Show “If We Built It Today”

Standing nearly 1,000 feet above street level on the observation deck of the Sales Force Tower in San Francisco, Joe Zhou explains how Quidnet's technology is the next generation of pumped-hydro storage for the Discovery+ production crew.


The Quidnet solution has significant advantages over other long-duration storage technologies

Structural Cost Advantage
< 50% capex of battery & pumped hydro
Broad Geological Footprint
100+ TWh mapped across multiple US basins
Modular, long-duration storage
1-10 MW per well, 10+ hours
Active Projects
Hours of Storage
TWh Mapped

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