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Hosting a Quidnet facility—or multiple facilities—on your property allows you to take part in advancing the energy transition, while increasing associated revenue with very little impact to surrounding operations. Quidnet facilities lay out in modular format much like wind farms with some landowners hosting one, and some multiple facilities. One modular unit is comprised of a 1) 1/2-acre or smaller pad; 2) lined storage pond and 3) narrow access road.

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Example Landowner Plots

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we will pay for any necessary access roads.
During the development phase there will be daily truck traffic on weekdays and limited traffic during the weekend. We work hand in hand with our landowners to minimize traffic impact via site and road selection.
There will be a rig for drilling and well construction, and several pumps and/or generators.
There will be a small “pump house,” which is a 600-1,000 square-foot covered structure.
Farming and grazing operations can continue as usual. Connection to the grid will typically be accomplished with standard overhead wires on poles—similar to running power to a home, barn or shop.
 Wells will be plugged and abandoned according to state regulations. Equipment will be removed, the pond will be filled and the land surface remediated and restored to pre-disturbance conditions.
Once the facility is up and running, operations and controls will be done remotely. There will be occasional site visits for routine maintenance and monitoring purposes.

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