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July 2021

The New 'Valleys of Death' in Climate Investing

There were about eight years when climate tech was wandering in the wilderness, so to speak. It started after the Solyndra bankruptcy in 2011 and ended about two years ago, when the market began heating up again.

April 2019

FUTURE PROOF - Future of energy

Carbon-based energy powers the world but it’s doing great damage to the environment. Fortunately, there are many start-ups working on different technologies to address different energy sectors so that one day we might be able to fully decarbonise energy. Here are some of the most exciting ones.

November 2016

Could depleted oil wells be the next step in energy storage?

Quidnet Energy is hoping to revolutionise energy storage with its underground pumped hydro concept, which uses abandoned oil and gas wells to store and release pressurised water, driving turbines and feeding electricity back into the grid. How does the concept work and how far could it go? Quidnet co-founder Aaron Mandell explains.

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